Are you ready to create Infinite Impact as a coach?

Join Us For 5 Days To Begin Creating The Infinite Impact All Coaches Dream Of...

Here’s How This 5-Day Challenge Will Work

Starting on April 10th we will go LIVE for 5 days on everything a coach needs to create Infinite Impact right now so you can start walking on a freedom path in your life. 

Here’s a sneak peek at what to expect when you join the Infinite Impact Challenge.

Day 1:

What Does A Coach Actually Do?

Not wasting anytime, on Day 1 we will go over what the Coaching Industry is, and how each one of us can fit into it while creating Infinite Impact like we’ve always dreamed of.

Day 2

What Is Our Life’s Mission?

Let's discover the answer to this one question and on Day 2 we will give you a simple way to find out exactly what our Life’s Mission is so we can build a plan to take action on it now.

Day 3

The 3 Essential Tools All Coaches Need

Every Coach needs tools to work with all their customers and on Day 3 we will go over the 3 essential tools every coach, no matter what kind, needs to be successful.

Day 4

Who Can We Help?

Identifying who we help is essential to all of us when we want to find our first clients and on Day 4 we will go over exactly how to find the people who need our help and present them our offer.

Day 5

How To Communicate What You Do To People

It’s time to find our first clients! On Day 5 we will go over a simple formula on creating a "COOK MESSAGE" that we can use everywhere to find our next clients.

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